A website for Inicio

Inicio is an organisation that helps teenagers develop tech and 21st century skills through hands on workshops in collaboration with the industry and mentors. There was a need for a new website for a very diverse target group: high school students and teachers, business partners and sponsors and university students. The goal was to showcase all the differed services offered, the different possibilities for partnerships and the impact achieved so far.

November 2019

Tools & Methods Used

Ideation Workshop

Pen & Paper Wireframes

High Fidelity Mockups

Abobe XD





User Testing

It all starts with a workshop

With a lot of information and material to choose from, building a simple yet useful website seemed like an impossible task. That's when the diverse team comes in handy! I brought our CEO, Digital Strategist and Media Content Designer together with pens and sticky notes and magic happened! In under 2 hours we had a draft structure for the website.

Workshop with the Inicio team. Photo credits: Konstantina Pantagaki

From wireframes to high fidelity mockup

Pen and paper is the best way to start when designing form scratch. Adobe XD is my next go-to tool for designing interactive prototypes or high fidelity mockups to test the final look and feel.

Time to build!

Coding is not something I particularly enjoy, unless I do it for fun. For this website I used Webflow that requires minimun coding and at the same times gives the same freedom to build anything you like as if you are coding. The biggest challenge was to make sure the website was fully responsive and to make all the existing material web friendly. Text had to be shortened, images to be resized and videos to be scaled.

The website on various screen sizes. Picture credits: Konstantina Pantagaki

The final result

After testing the website within the team and after getting some external feedback the need of some changes was obvious. At the moment, the website is up and running, covers all the areas we were aiming for and there is an increased engagement from customers compared to the old one.