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Selected Works

Experience with digital products and services in Ed Tech, Health Tech and Social enterprises. I facilitate design workshops and conduct user research and testing.


About Me

Hi! My name is Konstantina and I am a Stockholm-based Experience Designer. I have a background in Computer Engineering and Interaction Design and have experience with digital products and services in Ed Tech, Health Tech and Social enterprises. I have hands-on entrepreneurial experience by co-founding and being a board member of Inicio, an organisation that helps teenagers develop tech and 21st century skills through hands-on workshops.

My passion is creating delightful experiences that are meaningful to the user. I enjoy transforming a rough idea or a challenging problem into a finished, lovable product or service.

I am a curious person that enjoys undertaking new challenges and learning new extraordinary things. I am detail oriented and I always strive to deliver high quality results. I enjoy working in environments that support personal and professional growth and at the same time I like sharing my knowledge with others. I'm passionate about quality education and gender equality in the tech sector, and I work towards achieving these goals through my work with Inicio.

I hold a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens.

Photo credits: Yiwen Lu


Tools & Methods

Ux Design

Design Thinking, Organising and Facilitating Design Workshops, Design Sprint, Personas, User Stories, User Scenarios, User Flows, Information , Design Systems

Service Design

Service Prototypes, Design Scenarios, Contextual Interviews, Storybords, Customer Journey Maps, Service Blueprints, Co-creation

User Testing

Field and Lab testing, Guerrilla Testing, Interviews, Surveys, Focus Groups, A/B Testing

Web Development

Webflow, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Design Tools

Adobe Experience Design/ Illustrator/ Premiere Pro/ Photoshop/  InDesign, InVision, Marvel app


Business Model, Sales & Partnerships, Value Proposition, Project Management, Financial Projections, Pitch decks


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