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Selected Works

Experience with digital products and services in Ed Tech, Health Tech and Social enterprises. I facilitate design workshops and conduct user research and testing.


About Me

Hi! My name is Konstantina and I am a Stockholm-based Experience Designer. I have a background in Computer Engineering and Interaction Design and have experience with digital products and services in Ed Tech, Health Tech and Social enterprises. I have hands-on entrepreneurial experience by co-founding and being a board member of Inicio, an organisation that helps teenagers develop tech and 21st century skills through hands-on workshops.

My passion is creating delightful experiences that are meaningful to the user. I enjoy transforming a rough idea or a challenging problem into a finished, lovable product or service.

I am a curious person that enjoys undertaking new challenges and learning new extraordinary things. I am detail oriented and I always strive to deliver high quality results. I enjoy working in environments that support personal and professional growth and at the same time I like sharing my knowledge with others. I'm passionate about quality education and gender equality in the tech sector, and I work towards achieving these goals through my work with Inicio.

I hold a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens.

Photo credits: Yiwen Lu


Tools & Methods

Ux Design

Design Thinking, Organising and Facilitating Design Workshops, Design Sprint, Personas, User Stories, User Scenarios, User Flows, Information Visualisation

Service Design

Service Prototypes, Design Scenarios, Contextual Interviews, Storybords, Customer Journey Maps, Service Blueprints, Co-creation

User Testing

Field and Lab testing, Guerrilla Testing, Interviews, Surveys, Focus Groups, A/B Testing

Web Development

Webflow, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Design Tools

Adobe Experience Design/ Illustrator/ Premiere Pro/ Photoshop/  InDesign, InVision, Marvel app


Business Model, Sales & Partnerships, Value Proposition, Project Management, Financial Projections, Pitch decks


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